Conscious content

Evolution is mutation. 

Intelligence consists of perceiving the present changes

and adapting fully to the speed of light.

Each action as an evolutionary impact

Eva Lobo Services


ADVISEExplores objectives, challenging perception and thought patterns, making a diagnosis with impact strategy to develop optimised productions.

CONSULTANCYKnowing the best researchers in the world, can offer efficient solutions based on successful experiences.

AGENCY: Has a broad agenda of passionate professionals doing what they love, to create effective results through emerging technology. 

DESIGN: Visions content and impact proposals, taking into account the global benefit and the use of the latest discoveries in science and technology.

PRODUCTIONDesigns products focused on the user: educational exhibitions, virtual reality experiences, serious games, events and corporate spaces. Impacting public perception through ludic strategies and awareness marketing. 

TOOLS: Designs products that can become corporate objects; Resonance carpet, Unified short and paste game, Conscientious art dodecahedron, Merkaba teleporter, Sacred geometry jumpsuit, Transcendental tree of life, Sri Yantra neon lamps, Book augmented reality, resonance structures. 

Work in Progress

Proyectos en proceso de producción

Gears of thinking


Virtual Reality experience to identify the structure of thought and transcend conflict.


Resonant floor mats, ponchos and overalls to regenerate the organism produced by local natives.


Resonant floor mats, ponchos and overalls to regenerate the organism produced by local natives or convicts.

Concienciative art

Pieces and art installations to normalice the holographic paradigm and unified field.

Respecting life with art.

Normalizing the holographic paradigm

Designs guided through resonance, using sacred geometry and perceptible vibratory changes.


Design awareness content for campaigns, film producers and virtual reality.
Represents different institutions and associations that stimulate awareness and ethics.
Optimize projects with a comprehensive vision to implement sustainable solutions.
Research and develop sensory skills to promote the impact on the perception of the user or consumer.
Awareness consultant for international citizen representatives.
Handles ancestral knowledge to perceive vibratory changes and communicate with the resonance or the spirit of things.
Provides featured contacts in; mindfulness, emerging technology, peacemakers, marine restoration, bioconstruction, quantum physics and other relevant guilds.


The work of the team responds to three forms of action: support for projects on the ground, carried out by the local population, raising awareness among citizens, civil society and political leaders and political advocacy to public authorities and in the nations United.

Merkaba teleporter

Concienciative art dodecahedron

Cut & Paste 

unified game

Resonance carpet

Sacred geometry Jumpsuit

Sri Yantra neon lamps


Cooperate with life blooming, designing awareness content, with an holistic view of respect.

Develops sustainable projects, which create a healthy legacy.

Design products and safe and useful spaces, releasing the understanding of the energy field in which we are immersed.



Collaborate with humanity to raise awareness through the implementation of tools that facilitate the understanding of the new holographic paradigm.

Connect conscious developers with leading researchers.

Liberate creativity in the service of evolution, decoding the structure of conflict.

Make visible the structure of the human unconscious so that we can be guided by the vibratory changes in the present.





Transcend the old fragmentary paradigm and implement the unified paradigm.

Reconnect the paths of the mind to return ethics and consciousness to the creative.

Develop well-being on the Children’s planet. They have it in the present and in the future.



Build a more conscious world where acts are based on vibratory changes perceptible in the present. To release creativity based on facts and not on concepts invented by humans.

 To give a fair and cooperative use through the defense of nature and common goods, united as they are. In particular, by promoting the right to peace and access to water, and calling for the recognition and respect of the rights of peoples to dispose of their wealth and protect ancestral cosmologies.


International Peace Embassies

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Whatsapp: + 34 619 175 275 

Telephone:(+52 1) 998 305 4965 

Email: evalobo@gmail.com

Global thoughts & actionst

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Peace depends on what one does in the square meter that occupies each moment.

Without presence there is no peace.

Without peace, there is no love.

Without love, life looses does not deserve the joy of living.

Let’s free creators of paradise.